How to Properly Set Up Your Restaurant Patio for Summer

Your restaurant can attract new customers when you have the right restaurant patio set up.Have you noticed the days are getting longer? 

Though it is slow at first, we are getting more sunlit hours, and thus heat, in our days. As we transition back into warm weather, patios will reemerge as an attractive choice for customers at restaurants. Outside seating can lead to a more dynamic dining experience that patrons want to find. 

After being inside for so long, friends and families want a chance to spend time together while enjoying the outdoors. Many customers choose a restaurant based on patio availability. Patios can also help you attract new clientele to combine with those who enjoy indoor dining. Your restaurant patio setup will be easy with the steps we put together below. 

1. Start with the Laws

Before you make any purchases or get anything rolling, check then double-check your local laws. Look for permits or specific guidelines that may limit your patio. Want dogs on the patio? Look for dog-friendly permits. Similarly, get the right permit for serving alcohol on the patio. Research now can end up saving you money down the line.

2. Clean from Top to Bottom

Check out the area you want to use for winter damage. The cold weather can lead to damages in the wood-based areas and cracks in the concrete. Protect your tables from wobbling or guests and staff from trip hazards by handling these issues now. Paint, pick up sticks, add any additional maintenance will help the area look presentable. Make sure to care for any landscaping as your guests will be right next to it while eating!

3. Decorate with Weather-Resistant Furniture 

When you choose the decorations and furniture, only get items that can stand up to the weather. Read descriptions to ensure you get what you need. Balance weather-resistance with branding for your furniture so you will have a unified feel both inside and outside your restaurant. You may be able to seal or weatherproof some furniture. When you work with professional furniture experts like those at Ferrante Manufacturing, you will get quality items that you can use for years to come. 

4. Heaters and Umbrellas for the Weather

If you can’t respond to changes in the weather, your patio’s uses will become limited. Adding patio heaters can warm your guests on random chilly days. You can also extend the hours of the usefulness of your patio with patio heaters keeping the area comfortable into the night. 

Umbrellas or awnings will help your guests not get roasted. Your guests can enjoy the warmth of the outdoors while staying cool out of the sun. The glare from the sun can also reflect in silverware and glasses making a customer’s experience sour. 

5. Recruit New Staff

Begin adding to your staff so you will have enough help to run your new area. More tables mean greater availability of seats for customers. Get creative. You could start by asking your current staff if they would like to extend their shifts. Hiring temporary summer servers is another option. You may need to add new kitchen staff as well to keep up with demand. Make sure to train both your current and new staff to open and clean your patio area. 

Choose Quality Furniture for Your Restaurant Patio Setup

Once you have taken the above steps, you will be well on your way to having an attractive new option for your guests this spring. For quality indoor and outdoor restaurant furniture, consider Ferrante Manufacturing. We opened our business in Detroit, Michigan more than 70 years ago and now serve clients all over the country. 

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