Common Uses for Architectural Millwork

Blog originally published on January 25, 2018. Updated on July 15, 2022.

When it comes to interior design, details make all the difference. Architectural millwork production allows a designer to cut unique shapes and details that can breathe character and life into any room. From classic and ornamental to modern and sleek, a great architectural millwork manufacturer can offer a unique flair that ties the look and feel of your space together elegantly.

Millwork products for residential and commercial buildings serve a variety of aesthetic and functional purposes. They also utilize a wide range of wood species such as red oak, hard maple, cherry, and mahogany.

Here are some of the most common elements that are created using architectural millwork:

Restaurant & Bar Furniture

One of the crucial elements that can make or break a restaurant is the environment and ambiance. Customers don’t just want great food, they want to enjoy the experience, and creating a cool vibe plays a huge role. An architectural millwork manufacturer can design custom bar tops, tables, chairs, doors, and booths that create a stunning interior your customers will love.

Built-in Cabinets and Shelves

There’s no better way to save space and create a sleek environment than with built-in cabinets and shelves. A professional architectural millwork manufacturer will work alongside the other craftsmen building out your space to create shelves and cabinetry with the right measurements that fit seamlessly into the environment.

Columns, Handrails, Chair Rails, Wall Paneling, Door Frames, & Molding

It's all in the details! The stunning look of carefully crafted moldings, unique handrails, or structural columns can give your environment an elegant beauty that is breathtaking. Using architectural millwork, these once extremely cost-prohibiting finishes can be created much more quickly and affordably. Additionally, they can be replicated throughout a building with flawless accuracy.

Desks & Workspaces

Architectural millwork is a great way to create a modern office space that reflects your efficient and innovative spirit. The ability to create dynamic shapes and sleek surfaces is what makes architectural millwork a popular choice for tech companies and offices of all kinds.

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