Popular Restaurant Design Trends

Blog originally published on April 10, 2018. Updated on September 2, 2022.

When it comes to restaurant designs, you think it would only be appealing to those who are in the business. However, with the rise of technology, many are snapping, tweeting, and posting their locations and where they are dining for all to see. Instagram-worthy photo backdrops are becoming more and more important.

While your business model may place a heavy focus on online ordering and takeout options, never underestimate the impact of a great dining room! A restaurant's design and decor choices can determine whether the place is a hot spot or not, and we are here to tell you the top restaurant design trends this year.

Go Green

For the laid-back feel of outdoor dining without the hassle and discomfort of unpredictable weather, many restaurants are now opting to add some of the outdoors inside. Lighter hues and live plants are now being used to balance the areas that are often taken over by technology (for example, waiting areas.) This element not only makes the restaurant look better but also improves the customer's experience.

In addition, the greenery in restaurants has also shown many positive impacts on one’s health. You’ll soon be seeing potted and hanging plants as well as live wall treatments like living greenery walls.

Major Minimalism

The phrase “less is more” is speaking volume to restaurant designs all over. A more minimalistic approach is becoming increasingly popular in retail design. Most restaurants are now focusing on clean lines, warm tones, and functional furniture, all while incorporating the natural architecture and structure of the space.

Explore Local Interior Design Options

In addition to fresh locally-sourced ingredients for their food, many restaurant owners are now looking in their own area for customized furniture pieces and art to make their place stand out from the rest.

Local craftsmanship is becoming more and more popular as the pieces designed are not only authentic but one-of-a-kind. This gives new customers and returning diners a welcoming and unique experience in the restaurant and strengthens their connection to your brand's identity. Plus, it's always good to give back and spend money in your own community. Connect with local artists to deck out your space!

Ferrante Manufacturing Company Provides Custom Millwork for Restaurant Owners Across the United States

Custom woodworking adds personalized flair to your restaurant. As a leading architectural millwork manufacturer, the team at Ferrante can design custom bar tops, tables, chairs, doors, booths, and more that create a stunning and memorable interior your customers will love.

Contact us now to begin collaborating on your restaurant design scheme!

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